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Dolya 04:04
I started a new page & everything has got me going insane. I feel drained, is it okay to say I won’t stay? I think there’s days that make me feel okay. Am I a coward for being afraid? -It’s too late to turn around, I've come accustomed to this sound. Push me around, hell I know it’s hard. Stubborn & lazy sometimes it feels like it’s just me now. I don’t want to be the one to just give up. The only person to blame is me for doubting myself. I wish it was easy to be just who we wanted to be. I pushed you away & I watched you go. I know, I know it was ours. It’ll never be the same. This is the way it has to be: without you, without me. This is how it’s going to be: without you. You had to leave.
Viable 03:00
Let’s hope I don’t bring you to your knees cause there’s not a bone in my body that screams: “Let this be”. Did you want to sleep alone? Cause there's walls that we could use. I think I've lost myself in you. I feel the friction in our sheets, building up walls we don’t intend to keep. Please disappoint me. -I’ve always wondered what it felt like to see you alive. I just don’t have time to let you waste mine. Lay me down, lay me down and tell me: You’re gonna be here for longer than this summer cause what really last forever?
(Un)rest 04:00
You left me in the corner of my mind, running out of time. I couldn’t sleep without the sense of you. I tossed & turned all night. It feels so empty & cold when you’re not here, I need you near. -Hold me til I sleep so I feel you in my dreams. Where are your secrets? I want to know what you’re thinking about. Does it drag you down the way it does to me? Strip the sheets, I won’t fall asleep. I’m exhausted, I need your body with me. These restless nights have got the best of me & I can’t fall asleep without the rest of me. Hold me til I sleep, so I feel you in my dreams. I’ll take this disease, you & me.
Jilt 04:48
When I'm home I always seem to be alone. Is having you supposed to make a difference? It won’t. Let's rest our eyes for another night. Would you miss me when I'm not here? Can we rest our eyes just for tonight? Where have you gone? Has it been that long? I wonder what we look like with the sun in our eyes. Are we that blind? I told you the truth: I’ll be okay this time. This time. I hope one day we’re not waiting anymore because the clock is always running out & so are you. I know one day we won’t have to wait anymore because the clock has stopped & we’re alone on your floor. -Cause I'm so sick of this pillow talk with you. You can see right through me like a window. I scream honesty, are you here with me? Tell me everything while you fall asleep.
Blue Jacket 06:02
I can drag you by your feet until you fall in love with me. Call me baby, it would mean so much to me. I just want you to see the good in me. I just want you to see the good in us. -I need your love more than ever. I can wait here until you want to walk with me. Take my hand it would mean so much to me. I need you now more than ever. I need your touch more than ever. I need your love more than ever.


released June 9, 2017

Artwork by Johan Barrios
Accompanying Art by Imogen Clendenning
Written & Produced by PINE, Cory Bergeron & Sivi Pradeepan
Engineered by Cory Bergeron & Joey Demers at Pebble Studios
Mixed by Cory Bergeron
Mastered by Cory Bergeron
Cello by Raphael Weinroth-Browne
Piano by Kassandra-Anne Demers
Guest vocals by Joey Demers, Paolo Pace, Sivi Pradeepan, Paul Dzioba, Cory Bergeron & Peter Ellman


all rights reserved



PINE Ottawa, Ontario

Doom and gloom never sounded so sweet.

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