you bury me


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ya'aburnee (arabic):
“you bury me,” a declaration of one's hope that they'll die before another person because of how difficult it would be to live without them.


released January 9, 2015

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered
by Cory Bergeron at Pebble Studios Ottawa

Album artwork by Kyan De Vere.


all rights reserved



PINE Ottawa, Ontario

Doom and gloom never sounded so sweet.

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Track Name: letters
hey dear, its been way too long since that year. i see us in october skies, don’t let us die.

hey dear, the skyline shouts our names to the air. we cross the shore, we never care, we have time to spare.

hey dear, you’ve been lost and found but i see you everywhere. dirty streets, a pack of players, i need you here.

hey dear, the fiction you wrote has brought us here, i packed your bags they're in your room. don’t come round too soon.

you let our pieces go, lost into brown eyes and rainy days. i know you worked hard for my life, but you lost your dignity in fast food joints and oil rigs. never wanted wealth, just a love that lasts, dropping arms, closed chests and clenched fists, hold me tight. cause you still belong somewhere, a part of me as always. writing letters to ghosts.
Track Name: father//layla

i saw you in the woods breathing the cold air you knew so well, i could never fathom how you fell in love with the cold. when there was so much back home for you to hold. keep warm through those 40 below winters. you were always so clever back in ’98. your daughter lives far, but she’s kept warm. but you know, she damn well loves the cold, just like you. so hold me close to your heart. cause you always missed me right, i missed you right. picking the dark side of wish you were here over the days that were brighter, is so you jules. love you till the end, love you until you’re frozen, love you until we’re underground. cause daddy, you’re always stronger to me.


dearest layla, there are no words for you the years have passed and you have remained a scar on my heart. a passing breeze that reminds me of simpler days when love was easy. i have dreamt of a day when we could pass the time in unison to our hearts. i know you dream of time spent alone. i know you want someone to love the heart you hold. i fell in love with your future in a cold rain of a park back home. well now you are wondering a forest out west on your own. you told me you admired my patience, well I’ve waited for you for years. and I’ve only felt you in bits and pieces. let me feel you as a whole. let me see what you have hiding in your soul.
Track Name: sound
grab your things, they never belonged here.
catch a plane to nowhere, so i don’t see your face round here.
cause everything is too close to home, and everything is too close to here.
i couldn’t bare the look in your eyes.

i used to see you here in the crowd, put your head down and make up the words to this sound.

i dream you're far away, happy to be no where at all, watching the signs pass by to give us meaning for this all. i knew you so well, i know you so well. i have you in my hands, i had you in my hands.

i'm sorry i had to go.

i won’t be alone, i will not go home. i will not go back there, so don’t send me back there.