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released September 13, 2019


all rights reserved



PINE Ottawa, Ontario

Doom and gloom never sounded so sweet.

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Track Name: Within You
She was made of love
She was made from love
She was made of love
Withering day by day
She was made from love
She falls apart in the same way
Track Name: Lusk
I think I’ve lost it all
Cut off all my hair
Please don’t call me yours
Don’t let this faze-faze me
I won’t let this change who I am
I like who I’ve been lately
I just hope you’ll really understand
I’m just going through something again

And I can’t get out of my head
And I can’t get myself out of bed
I’m lazy baby

I hope you think I’m cool
But to you cool starts with a pay check
Is it me? Was it what I said? Am I good enough for the next step?
I hope I fit the script for your ideal life.
I guess we’ll find out.

I’m not just your regular girl, But i could never save your world, save your world.

I think I’m going crazy
Track Name: Discord
We’ve had this talk before
the orange reflection of the sun hits the floor
I just want you to see
who it is that stares back at me

Your lack of empathy

Soon the leaves will fall
the sun will sleep and we could waltz the night away
But we’ll only go in circles
so why don’t we just wait

Your lack of empathy
it drains me

Like a garden
Lose a flower
Like a garden
We Lose a flower
Each day

It was so sudden the way you can control me

I couldn’t believe what you’ve done to me

Your lack of empathy
it drains me
Track Name: Memento
Its like a poison
That you just drank
You feel sick to your stomach
And you boil up with hate

Have we forgotten what human is?
Have we lost all sense of kind?

I’ll keep walking
with my head straight
Maybe it will all feel
like it was yesterday
bitter sweet the way
your poison tastes
Why cant you be the same
as yesterday

Everything has come to a halt
You can’t catch a break
I look for answers in myths
It all felt like a mistake

How will I be lovely?
How will I be delicate?
When life is just a ruse
Track Name: Sunder
Our hearts were racing
somewhere in Mcallen
I thought if we closed our eyes
it would all be erased
Will we ever be the same?
The way we were before that day
Pressure inside
we lost what we had in sight

We find comfort in sound
to prove something to ourselves
We’ve been slow dancing
around our doubts

Was this it? Were we weightless?
Can we go, to a 3rd perspective?
To find out where we went wrong
Are we just flawed?

We found out you're not who you said you were

Close your eyes
imagine that we had to do it all again
You’d find yourself
blurred out
this time you’re a shadow

You’re a quitter
Slow dancing
around our doubts
Track Name: In Your Eyes
Looking back I found a way to view the past.
Home videos in stacks.
We were all together at last.
A time I won’t remember.

I hope your proud of who I am now

You taught me everything from how to live
To how to dream.
I’ll always be your girl.
Picture this - us dancing to Etheridge on our old green carpet.

We may not be tied but I was caught in your eyes

You stole the wind from my hair
opened my eyes when they were shut
You showed me that the boogie man he wasn’t there.
You raised me without any fear.
Track Name: Maladroit
I walked you home, damp shoes.
I hope I don’t get sick.
One misstep and I was blue.
Soaked up to my knees in you.

How could I be such a fool?
Tripping and clumsy, maybe I fell for you.

Does it matter now?
With no umbrella
Drenched with emotion.
My knees weak in the cold.
Young and in love with the ideal.

You don't deserve another love song

I can’t be held too close or I’ll just let this all go
Track Name: Swollen
There's nothing i can do to make you stay
How did we become so cruel?
Its hard enough to watch our threads fray
worse to have to cut them from the spool

Selfish was just your middle name
In choosing our fates
I have never felt more betrayed

Just take us back to the beach when the sky was clear.
But I admit there's no where I’d rather be than here.
This is why we let our ears ring.
We’re jumping out of moving cars just to feel anything.

At first I thought it was heavy the thought of losing you.
As if everything would cease to exist without you.

You’re a narcissist at best.
Track Name: Bluff
Its like it was yesterday.
My heart fell out and landed on your lap
We never looked back
You could never get used to it being on my sleeve.
It made you feel weak.
You said “it wasn’t for me”

I knew I knew I knew
What I did was wrong
Just enough to lie
To you this time
Did you cry?

Grinding words between my teeth
My lungs gave out and I admit defeat
It wasn’t just me.

I couldn’t breathe
You didn’t see me
I fell away
You didn’t need me

Let me go
Let me go
To a home away from hope
Track Name: Covet
Today was mean
So I can see
that things don’t come easy.
I want to be
so much more than free
I like to feel hazy
I want to feel

Drive me away
From this god damn place
I'm sorry that this wasn’t made for me

Wasn't meant for me

If life was mine
To take all the time
To do what I need
Then I could be
More than what you see
So Let me find
what it is to be complete

There's so much more than a time on a sheet
So set me loose
so I could lose
These chains holding me down
These chains holding me down
Track Name: Lucida
If as far as I could go
Was near the water
With you, hiding alone somewhere
Held in by the trees
You took care of so fondly
Would it be so bad?
Could I breathe ?
Will I think more clearly?
What is the use
When I have no story?

And I'm left swimming in yours so freely?

So kiss me softly, and hold me close

I once felt close
Is it rock bottom or
Can we find the top?
Have you lost it all before?

Too many calls
You never have an answer for
Will you leave it all
Or do you need me anymore?

Is it worth fighting for?